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Hello! I am Devin.
& I am a UX Designer.

I am passionate about creating streamlined and meaningful user experiences that impact people’s daily lives. As an analytical and creative person, I strive to absorb as much insight as possible from users to derive optimal solutions to intricate problems.

Before entering the UX design field, I worked as a graphic designer for six years. I focused on evoking the user’s emotions through color, imagery, consistency, and typography. This gave me a leg up as I shifted my focus to UX design, especially when creating powerful user interfaces. My love for creative thinking and problem-solving has also helped me appreciate the goals of the design thinking process.

When I am not designing, I have a variety of passions that I pursue, outdoor activities being one of the largest. My love for the outdoors is a significant component of why I recently moved to Colorado. I’ve enjoyed honing my hobbies, such as fly fishing, mountain biking, backpacking, and pursuing new ones, like rock climbing. 

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